Kangura No. 8

The Inkotanyi’s New Strategy of Widespread Destabilization

Raphael Zayana

True, the Inkotanyi are synonymous with demons, and they have no desire to put an end to the massacre of their fellow countrymen who ardently support peace and noble justice.

Thank God indeed! Thanks to the vigilance of the Rwandan people, the Commission of Partisans for non-Violence in Rwanda was able to get its hands on an unreleased document written by these dreadful people. The document lays out a strategy that shows them conspiring with other Parties from the so-called opposition. It is proof once more that the new policy they want so bad to implement aims to destabilize the government and the socio-economic sector of the nation. This destabilization, they say, should be pursued relentlessly and with fervor so as to utterly demoralize the authorities, And that would undeniably present the authorities with a fait accompli, where their only options would be to give up power, to resign from government, or—in their best of worlds—to join the Inkotanyi or, in other words, switch sides.

If a peaceful, supposedly unarmed opposition truly exists, it still is true that it has contacts, permanent ones, with the political circles of the R.P.F. (Rwandese Patriotic Front). And after listing by name various local industries on which many families depend for survival, no one can refute how their thoughts resemble those of vandals; just like Judas Iscariot, just like lunatics or “lake citizens.” Let us not mince our words; keeping close in mind the statement on the radio made some time ago it appears by Justin

Mugenzi of the Parti Liberal (P.L.): “People accuse me of having a formal relationship with the R.P.F. rebels. It is up to the government,” he went on “to stay in contact with the armed opposition, of course with the help of those of us in the city, so that a solution, including possible disarmament, can be found.”

It is easy to understand that it is not up to the Rwandan people alone, headstrong for the peace of yesteryear, to go up against the Inkotanyi. An d not just the ones fighting on the front, but also those in the city who, in their thirst for power, establish a climate of terror and wave with much fanfare throughout the Prefectures and in Kigali, their flags acknowledging despicable “political parties.”

Accordingly, below we are publishing the in extenso text of the infamous destabilization strategy, leaving it up to national and international opinion to weigh it for what it really is.

For all the people of Rwanda, a word to the wise is enough!

[The Inkotanyi ] Strategy

Inter-African Commission for non-violence
P.O. Box 1725
Nairobi, Kenya

To the Commission of Partisans for non-Violence in Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Dear Sympathizers,

We are closely following everything that is going on in Rwanda. We are pleased that the process of democratization of the institutions of your country is on the right track and we are happy to see that these changes will be adopted by national consensus according to the constitution of a multi-parry transitional government. We emphatically encourage all African political leaders to adhere to the principles of consensus and spiritual honesty. From this point forward, these leaders must have a global vision of the national interests of their countries.

Nevertheless, and concerning your country in particular, we are obliged to inform you that the third phase of the war against Rwanda which began on 1 October 1990 will soon be launched. Indeed, after the consecutive failures of the first phase (classic warfare) and second phase (guerilla warfare), the final phase will consist of terrorist actions such as assassinations, destruction of property, and underground urban movements,

Foreign terrorist agents (both Arab and African) have just been recruited to implement this plan. They will persistently infiltrate Rwanda under different types of cover (businessmen, tourists, etc.). Upon arrival they will contact the R.P.F. headquarters in their area, represented by the leaders of the Parti Liberal (see our letter dated 11 November 1991), the political arm of the Rwandese Patriotic Front headed by Mr. Justin Mugenzi.

Assassins will target different public figures including politicians, businessmen, soldiers… all members of predominately Hutu parties. The scenario as we have learned it is quite simple, but its results will be terribly effective. A Hutu leader of a political party will be assassinated. This foul crime will be orchestrated by ad hoc branches of the R.P.F., who will make it look like a political crime carried out by an opposing Hutu-majority political party! After that the massacres will alternate, and the end goal is to provoke widespread massacres among the Hutu themselves.

A reliable source has provided us a list of personalities to be targeted. Their names follow:

  • Thaddée Bagaragaza, politician
  • Rutayisire, soldier
  • Wellars Banzi, politician
  • Donat Murego, politician
  • Sebulikoko, businessman
  • Augustin Ruzindana, civil servant
  • Mbonyumutwa, businessman
  • Joseph Nzirorera, former Minister
  • Rwabukumba, businessman and brother-in-law of the Head of State
  • Félicien Kabuga, Industrialist
  • Thomas Kigufi, civil servant
  • Dismas Nsengiyaremye, veterinarian
  • Adoniya Sebununguri, clergyman
  • Emile Nyungura, international consultant
  • Rwagafirita, soldier
  • Félicien Ngango, lawyer
  • Mporanyi, banker and insurance broker
  • Alphonse Ntirivamunda, civil servant
  • Callixte Nzabonimana, Minister
  • Edouard Karemera, politician
  • Butare, civil servant (OPROVIA)
  • Kagimbangabo, Prefect

Dear Friends,

You know very well that the clandestine headquarters of the R.P.F. is currently operational in Nairobi, without the Kenyan government’s knowledge. The staff there is in direct contact with its Kigali branch which is under the control of the Parti Liberal.

In short, it is because of the seriousness of this situation and because of the tenacity of the R.P.F.-Inkotanyi that we have decided to help you in your struggle for non-violence. We kindly ask you to be more alert and more united in order to prevent and deter any actions that could result in a tragedy for your country.

On behalf of the commission,

James Makuza
Permanent Secretary
Nairobi, 3 February 1992

Inkotanyi Strategy

  1. An aggressive and sustained campaign meant to destabilize the administrative authorities, notably:
    • Ministries
    • Prefects
    • Bourgmesters
    • Conseillers de secteurs
    • Members of Cellule committees
    This campaign is to be carried out aggressively with no letting up, using any and all means to completely demoralize these authorities. Once at the end of their tethers, they will resign, move over to the opposition, or simply go mad. To achieve this end, some of the actions to be undertaken will include:
    1. Public denunciation and exaggeration of any mistakes or oversights in their work
    2. Close scrutiny of any blemishes, in their private lives
    3. Calling into question their legitimacy before the population
    4. Using any means necessary to encourage civil disobedience among the population in the secteurs and the communes with a view to make the Communes ungovernable
    5. Implementing all strategies to establish an environment of terror around these authorities who, in the cud, will lose interest in their functions.
  2. Organize a campaign of strikes in all public, semi-public and private enterprises so that there is a demonstration everyday in one place or another. The justification for such strikes will be looked into or simply made up. Some sites where strikes will take place include:
    • OCIR Thé
    • OCIR Café
    • REDEMI
  3. Garner support from members of the armed forces, i.e. the Rwandan Army, the Gendarmerie Nationale and the Police Communale. Some strategies, among others, include:
    • Members of the opposition picking up all soldiers looking for a ride. Take advantage of the time to inform the soldier that he should be a free man.
    • Organize public demonstrations meant to show that the internal opposition supports them in the unjust war that Habyarimana does not want to end because of his own personal interests.
    Garner support in their struggle to get rid of Col. Serubuga, Col. Rwagafilita, Col. Sagatwa, Col, Buregeya, Col. Ngayinteranya, who are responsible for all of the injustice and disorder that currently typifies the armed forces.

    Make them aware that the armed forces have a policy of regionalism, since all of the best positions are given to officers from Gisenyi and that only the soldiers known as Abanyanduga, officers, petty officers, corporals and privates get sent: to the war front to die.

    Criticize the superiors of the soldiers currently fighting for not acting in the interests of the nation, but rather acting like vultures who continue to get richer off of their blood, spilt each day.

    Use any and all means to show them that as long as Habyarimana and his Akazu remain in power, the war will never end and they will perish for nothing.

    Make them aware of the fact that they need to have an increase in pay. A private in the army makes just 4,000 FRW per month. Next to that, so many millions are wasted on M.R.N.D. propaganda.
  4. Prepare for a potential crackdown by the government and its armed forces and be prepared to counterattack.
  5. Preach determination to all, supporters who will have to put and end to the intimidations, arrests and imprisonments. In repression lie the seeds for political victory.
  6. Use sufficient propaganda abroad, notably in Belgium, France, Germany, the United States and Canada. Send missions, publish articles in newspapers and magazines in these countries, i.e. use their media for the opposition’s, cause. If funding for such work does not exist, it must be found. This is crucial, because today the monarch relies only on foreign countries, especially France.
  7. As far as elections are concerned, persons legitimate and credible in their milieu should be set up in the secteurs, communes, and prefectures. After all, in the end, the Rwandan people will elect individuals. Also, these men and women will work efficiently in preparing their functions, because sentiments should not prevail over political reason.
  8. Keep in mind that the ENI is stronger than ever and you must use all of your ingenuity to destroy it.
  9. Maintain faultless cohesion among party ranks and eliminate mercilessly all confirmed traitors,
  10. Create mechanisms to control the work of official bodies in the communes.
  11. In the quest for political representation, seriously take into account the natural regions of each prefecture (past chieftainships of colonial times).
  12. Intensify efforts to tarnish the reputation of Habyarimana and the Akazu so as not to give them the time to reorganize and to make the population hate them.
  13. Seriously prepare yourselves for the national conference because the government is preparing itself. It protests loudly, for purposes of distraction, that it will not accept it.
  14. When the government threatens to use it forces of repression on one front, do not attack head-on. Instead, outflank and attack from behind or on the flanks where it is weaker. Simultaneously launch other actions to make it expend energy, and thereby weaken it. To be more concrete, if the government is ready to quell an uprising, you must demonstrate unexpectedly. This is but one example of how to outflank or bypass their action. If the government is expecting demonstrations, simultaneously organize strikes in the schools and in factories, etc.
  15. Keep up your guard with respect to the P.L. party. It is gaining ground each day and is starting to take on an ethnic flavor.
  16. Use women and girls frequently in your actions.
  17. Use your people to infiltrate the M.R.N.D. party so as to stay abreast of their strategy and their program.
  18. Create a security service to protect your leaders and to identify M.R.N.D. members who have infiltrated your ranks.