Kangura No. 7

The Inkotanyi and Their Accomplices to Be Tried

On 27 October, Radio Rwanda announced that the trial of the Inkotanyi and their accomplices was due to begin the next day, 28 October 1990.

On that day therefore, a large crowd gathered in front of the building provisionally housing as the Conseil National de Dévéloppement, as that was the agreed venue for the trial of those who were termed the enemies of Rwanda.

The first group of accused comprises:

  1. Narcisse MUNYAMBARANGA, born in Muko, Gikongoro. Tutsi, 47 years of age, a resident of Kimihurura - Kigali, Director General of the Postal Service.
  2. Charles MUKURARINDA: born in Nyamagabe, Gikongoro, Tutsi, 31 years of age. Employee of Palloti-Press.
  3. Calipophor GATERA, born in Ntyazo, Butare. Tutsi.
  4. Emmanuel NTAKIYIMANA: born in Muremure in Masango commune, Gitarama. Hutu, employee of the C.E.R.
  5. Jean Baptiste KARINIJABO: born in Nyaruhengeri, Butare. Hutu, 43 years of age. Unemployed.
  6. Charles TAMBA, born in Kiramuruzi, Murambi commune. Tutsi, 34 years of age. Employee of SAKIRWA.
  7. Ignace RUHATANA: born in Buhambe, Kibari commune, Byumba. Hutu, 45 years of age. Employee of the MINIPLAN [Ministry of Planning].
  8. Donatien RUGEMA, born in Mugozi, Rwamatamu commune, Kibuye. Tutsi, 43 years of age. Employee of the MINIPLAN [Ministry of Planning].
  9. Déogratias NYIRIGIRA.
  10. David BABUBOTE.
  11. Augustin HAKIZAYEZU.

The identity of the last four persons is not yet available; moreover, they have not yet been arrested.


  1. While in Rwanda and outside Rwanda, notably in Uganda between [illegible] --- and 1990, formed with the Inkotanyi an association aimed at destabilizing Rwanda’s peace and unity.
  2. Acting alone or with the above-mentioned persons, collaborating with the Inkotanyi to carry out terrorist acts and provoke war.
  3. While in Uganda, collaborating with the Inkotanyi in their schemes.

The other group comprises:

  1. Jean KABENGERA, born in (illegible), Gikongoro. Tutsi, 34 years of age. Single.
  2. Fidèle NIYONKURU, born in Nyakabanda, Nyarugenge commune, Kigali-Urban; 25 years of age.
  3. [illegible] KARAKE, born in Nyamagabe, Gikongoro. Tutsi.


  1. Possession in Rwanda of audio tapes relating to the Inkotanyi.
  2. Fidèle NIYONKURU is charged with failure to inform the authorities of the Inkotanyi plan despite being aware of it.

All the above accused have requested adjournment of their trial on the grounds that they did not have sufficient time to prepare their defense. Despite the fact that they were able to examine their dossiers within the legal time limits, they claim that they were not given enough time to communicate them to their counsel.

The court agreed to give a few more days. The hearing was postponed until 9 January 1991.

We take this opportunity to ask our readers who have any information on the individuals whose names appear below, who are suspected of being Inkotanyi accomplices, to send it to us in order for us to publish the investigations into their cases in Kangura. Please also include all evidence.

The individuals are:

  2. Anselme
  5. Modeste
  6. Father NTAGARA
  9. Eustache RWEMALIKA
  10. Fulgence RYEZEMBERE
  11. François, former employee of the Parquet in Gisenyi
  12. Job, substitut in Gisenyi

Please send the information to:

B.P. 1312, Kigali, or
B.P. 19, Gisenyi