Kangura No. 6

Appeal to the Bahutu Conscience (With the Hutu Ten Commandments)

The Batutsi are bloodthirsty and power-hungry and want to impose their hegemony on the people of Rwanda using armed force.

The Ten Commandments [of the Bahutu]

  1. Every Hutu male should know that Tutsi women, wherever they may be, are working in the pay of their Tutsi ethnic group. Consequently, shall be deemed a traitor:
    • Any Hutu male who marries a Tutsi woman;
    • Any Hutu male who keeps a Tutsi concubine;
    • Any Hutu male who makes a Tutsi woman his secretary or protégée.
  2. Every Hutu male must know that our Hutu daughters are more dignified and conscientious in their role of woman, wife or mother. Are they not pretty, good secretaries and more honest!
  3. Hutu women, be vigilant and bring your husbands, brothers and sons back to their senses.
  4. Every Hutu male must know that all Tutsi are dishonest in their business dealings. They are only seeking their ethnic supremacy. “Time will tell.” Shall be considered a traitor, any Hutu male:
    • who enters into a business partnership with Tutsis;
    • who invests his money or State money in a Tutsi company;
    • who lends to, or borrows from, a Tutsi;
    • who grants business favors to Tutsis (granting of important licenses, bank loans, building plots, public tenders…) is a traitor.
  5. Strategic positions in the political, administrative, economic, military and security domain should, to a large extent, be entrusted to Hutus.
  6. In the education sector (pupils, students, teachers) must be in the majority Hutu.
  7. The Rwandan Armed Forces should be exclusively Hutu. That is the lesson we learned from the October 1990 war. No soldier must marry a Tutsi woman.
  8. Hutus must cease having pity for the Tutsi.
  9. The Hutu male, wherever he may be, must be united, in solidarity and be concerned about the fate of their Hutu brothers;
    • The Hutu at home and abroad must constantly seek friends and allies for the Hutu Cause, beginning with our Bantu brothers;
    • They must constantly counteract Tutsi propaganda;
    • The Hutu must be firm and vigilant towards their common Tutsi enemy.
  10. The 1959 social revolution, the 1961 referendum and the Hutu ideology must be taught to Hutus at all levels. Every Hutu must propagate the present ideology widely. Any Hutu who persecutes his Hutu brother for having read, disseminated and taught this ideology shall be deemed a traitor.