Kangura No. 5

Rwandan Intellectuals, Summon Courage, Help the President Defend the Motherland

I think the silence of the Rwandan intellectuals over the October-November 1990 war is becoming increasingly flagrant and probably smacks of complicity as has been the case with the peasant problems for the past thirty years.

A group of foreigners stood up to defend Rwanda in the early days of the war. Jacques Dubot, in la Relève, has just castigated the sad Zionist, Gol, as though he was the only one to have seen him on our video screens. The good old Jean Paul Harroy, a friend of Rwanda and advocate of Hutu freedom—may God bless him—has been defending the cause of the 1959 revolution more vigorously than the Rwandans themselves. That shows the disaster brought about by the sensitivity and foresightedness of the Rwandans.

For how long shall we rely solely on the outside world for assistance even in organizing ourselves? The people have started dissociating themselves from the President’s entourage, which has surrounded him with an iron curtain. The Inkotanyi have their spokespersons, the Tutsi have the right to complain anywhere in the world and obtain international audience in, the western world to the extent that in Belgium, there is a new race alongside the Walloons and Flemish: the threatened Belgian Tutsis (Gertrude Shopak)!!! Whereas the Hutu do not even have the right to say they are Hutus and that they are threatened.

[Illegible] … to defend the achievements of 1959 and 1973.

Do not leave all the work to the President of the Republic of Rwanda and his National Development Council, who have a lot of constraints and who are also entitled to be tired.

However, we have our media, newspapers and Radio Rwanda, which in time of war, should let the intellectuals and the common men in Rwanda express themselves so that the decision-makers will seek and take decisions in the interest of the people, who have a say in the waging and outcome of this war.

Our radio station should stop playing endless records and requested music; it should rather broadcast reliable information to dispel rumors.

Our urban and rural societies are in trouble if our intellectuals are afraid and are permanently clinging to their imaginary privileges and leave it to peasants to toil with agro-pastoral implements that can yield only a subsistence crop and, above all, to fight at the front against the Inyenzi. Rwandan intellectuals, summon courage, get your act together and go on the air.

Grab your pens and help President Habyarimana to get rid of the accomplices inside the country and defend our motherland.