Kangura No. 4

The Job of Undermining the P.S.D., Gatabazi’s Party, or the Parti Sous-Dévéloppé (Under-Developed Party)

M. S.

Félicien GATABAZI, once a great Minister, is presently General Secretary and spokesman for the P.S.D. [Parti sous-dévéloppé], the underdeveloped party.

He is the veritable President. He is just waiting to flaunt himself in order to wash away his immorality in sovereign rubbish. Because there, the most formidable cleanse themselves by sullying the most tender.

But who is GATABAZI, former Minister, who is notorious particularly for misappropriating the food destined for refugees. His associates know him for his insatiable greed and impenitent, implacable regionalism.

Since he could not cohabit with northerners in the renovated M.D.R., GATABAZI founded his own party to cater to his personal ambitions to fight relentlessly against the natives of that region.

That regionalist party was hoping to draw its force from the unity, integration or submission of the other southern regions. A sort of enlarged NDUGA! Newlook colonialism!

Do the people of Kinyanga, Bumbogo and Gisaka really feel that they are in the bosom of the clan? In any event, it is a pipe dream to think that one day, the people of Bugarama, Nyirangarama and Rusumo will feel like descendants of Mashira.

Seeing how the NDUGA region is intent on integrating all the regions of the south, without consultation, one wonders whether certain extremists from there do not want to change the name of the country from Rwanda to NDUGA.

Never mind! The first evokes invasion and extreme feudalism. The second recalls the Hutu kingdom and its king Mashira, whose family was massacred treacherously and savagely by the Tutsi king Mibambwe. Mashira’s daughter “Bwiza bwa Mashira,” who committed suicide after the heinous crime, went into the legend of the thousand hills.

There would be only one major difficulty in changing the name, and that would be the people who see no advantage in that, as they have other heroic references they are proud of.

The P.S.D. is also a vindictive, vengeful party. Did the leading lights of that party not appeal to the population of Gitarama Prefecture, during a rally, to avenge the 1973 politicians?

I am also exhorting them to avenge King Mashira.

The P.S.D. is likewise an extreme right nostalgic party. The leitmotif of its newspaper Le Soleil is very suggestive: Source of vital energy, the sun shines for everybody. Does GATABAZI wish to insinuate that since 1973, Le Soleil has been shining only for the North? Or when the sun invites Amandin Rugira, M.P., a national figure, to join his regional party, this is pure meanness!

Interference in the Army; GATABAZI is proposing the introduction of quotas in the Army, for each prefecture to have a number of soldiers proportionate to its population figure. All the parties in their “minor” manifestos, including the P.S.D. and the Inyenzi-Ntutsi party fought against the system of regional and ethnic balance in education.

How could GATABAZI then propose the introduction of quotas… (missing text) whereas intermingling in the Army and physical fitness are the main criteria? In his nostalgic, regionalist crusade, does GATABAZI believe that the Army has not performed its national role from 1960 to date?

Concerning the causes of the war: GATABAZI and his party have a short-range and erroneous vision of the causes of the October war. To them, the war started in 1990 and the direct cause was Juvenal HABYARIMANA, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. They forget that the Hamite invasion and the massacre of King Mashira’s family triggered off the war. This is just one episode of that henceforth, eternal war. How could HABYARIMANA unleash a war that has lasted for over 400 years, whereas he is only 54 years old? With his narrow mindedness, GATABAZI could tell his children that the Arab-Israeli wards one century old.

Regarding what has been called the “massacre of the Bigogwe” and the uprising by the Kibilira Hutu population, GATABAZI and his party have proved incapable of understanding that simple matter, but have rather preferred to resort to slander.

But what is strange?

Was he not the one who told us that tarred roads, electrification of the country, health centers and the C.C.D.F.P.’s were useless?

Can we expect him to launch Rwandan satellites into orbit and build us “Chernobyl?” I guess that is his idea of the development of Rwanda.

Was he not still the one who said that technocrats and other politically neutral Rwandans or those who were affiliated to parties were not to gain acceptance into… [missing text] ?

—under the pretext that they could not obtain the affiliation of the R.P.F. In his political dwarfism, GATABAZI, like his brother MUGENZI, holds the key to the solution to the war.

—About the Bagogwe massacres, I say, and God is my witness, that the innuendos of the “P.S.D. leader” are absurd, and KAMEYA’s list is fake.


The inclusion of persons who are still alive on his list proves that KAMEYA’s list is a hoax and a ploy by the authors to intoxicate the public. For instance, the old GAKWANDI, MUSHBAYANGWE of Nanga secteur, Karago commune and teacher GASHABUKA of Kinigi commune are not deceased.


The inclusion of non-Bigogwe who had died before the war, through other causes, still shows KAMEYA’s treacherous, biased mind.

This is the case of the former Hutu M.P., Thomas NGARUYE, who died in a motor accident (May his soul rest in peace).


Several Bagogwe were recruited into the R.P.F. GATABAZI must go and find out from Pascal Bahenda MUNYAMPIRWA alias Nouveau Riche, a Rwandan refugee in charge of recruiting the Inkatas in Goma.

As for the Kibilira revolt, I invite Gatabazi’s P.S.D. to conduct an inquiry in the field. He would realize that the causes of that uprising are imputable to the Inkotanyi and their Tutsi accomplices in the region. Despite their myopia and deafness, GATABAZI and his accomplices cannot affirm the contrary.

It is heart wrenching that a pseudo-leader like GATABAZI defies objectivity in information, but claims to hold the key to the war and takes himself for the best negotiator with the R.P.F., a movement that is expert at lying and intelligence.

I cry for this country without resources! I thought that with the advent of multi­party politics, there would be really new forces. Instead, we find kleptomaniacs, boasters, pretentious individuals, gangsters, murderers, Mafiosi and all sorts of old rotten eggs with sinister ambitions characterized by power grabbing, revenge killings, thievery, and getting rich quickly! Ouch!