Kangura No. 4

The Old Power Reconquest Plan Is Back in Fashion: The Tutsi Colonization Plan in Kivu and the Central African Region

During the 1959–1962 disturbances in MATANDA KARUBA-KIBARI, in Northern Kivu, a letter dated 5 August 1962 was discovered in Nyamitaba. This is the content or the letter:

Since we are numerically weak in the Kivu region but skillfully managed to keep ourselves in power after the 1960 elections by taking advantage of the Bantu naïveté, and since our smart move was not discovered until later by the Congolese, “all Tutsis everywhere are required to carry out the plan below and ensure that it is widely publicized within Tutsi circles in the Volcano District.”

  1. You should know that the Bahutus and the Congolese are cousins, so we should try to colonize them all.
  2. Use all the methods we had used in Rwanda to subjugate the Congolese Bahutus and other neighboring ethnic groups. Proceed gradually and methodically for any wrong move may prompt them to reconquer our national hero, RWABUGILI.
  3. The primary assignment of all intellectuals is to carve a niche in the administration, which as you are aware, plays an important role in propagating political ideas among the ignorant masses.
  4. Every mututsi intellectual should have a friend in all the administrative departments in the Republic of Congo in order to familiarize themselves to the administrative machinery with a view to taking over the positions of responsibility in those departments.
  5. Since we cannot replace the elected Bahutus, let us befriend them. Let us give them gifts, especially beer, in order to draw them near. Let us offer them our girls, and if necessary give them in marriage, as the Bahutus will find it difficult to resist their angelic beauty.
  6. [illegible]
  7. Use the blood pact with the Hutu masses. You know the pact is ineffective. Have we not violated it many times without any serious consequence?
  8. All Tutsi territorials are required to use fear to affirm their authority over the naive Bantu masses.
  9. Take advantage of the naive educated bahutus and use them as instruments, to defend your cause and get your electoral campaign going. As soon as the campaign is over, put them off with empty promises to show them they are powerless.
  10. We will ridicule the civil servants under our control and call the Bantus ignorant and ambitious; there will not be many of them anyway since the muhutus do not care about their own kind.
  11. Let us divide the promoters of the ethnic conscience as soon as it emerges. “Divide and rule.”
  12. Let us subjugate other ethnic groups who are in our nets, especially the Bahutu sell-outs, and make them campaign for us.
  13. You know that a muhutu was born to serve and will never aspire to a post of responsibility. By the time he realizes it, it will be too late. Start occupying all the territorial posts and every territory in the Volcano District. An administrator will cater to our interests.
  14. Try to give the Bahutu civil servants an inferiority complex.
  15. Those Bahutus who care about the fate of their brothers should be kept away from the District so that they would not have any influence on the masses.
  16. We call on all Tutsi youth to join the AJIR because, if we fail in spite of our finesse, we will resort to violence. The youths will be required to support the Tutsi territorial and use terror; they will be protected by our security agents and acolytes.
  17. Through all these difficult moments, we will ask all the Batutsis to support Jean MIRUHO government, in which we are represented by two ministers, because the fall of his government is also our own fall. Was Miruho not already in our nets?
  18. Fight the WANADES and BAHUNDES, enemies of our protégé, Jean MIRUHO, by using, of course, the naive Bahutus. Use all possible means to succeed.
  19. Know that the Bahutus are greedy. Offer them a lot of beer and money. We have a lot of fraudulently acquired money in addition to the 65,000,000 F borrowed from the Catholic monitors.

Excerpts of Files belonging to ASSEK (Kivu Students Union).

We will vote for the Northern Kivu province because we want Rwandan unity in Kivu. We will not leave our MASSISI brothers to their fate and do not want unity through bloodshed.

Bantu unity: to fight the Hamite dictatorship perpetrated by two ministers in the MIRUHO government.

Equality: we will not rise against equality in Northern Kivu province because it was voted by the National House of Representatives. We do not want to go against President KASAVUBU’s desire to see GOMA and RUTSHULU territories become part of Northern Kivu so that we will not suffer the fate of Patrice Lumumba and all the ambitious people who fought after Congo’s independence.

True certified copy

MWESO, 31 March 1990, midnight.

N.B. Translation from English by SEBIS…MUNGABO AYAD.