Kangura No. 3


A meeting was held on 4 December 1991, in the conference room of “Ecole Supérieure Militaire” in Kigali. It was chaired by the chief of state and supreme chief of the armed forces and gathered the commanders of operational sectors, commanders of units, military camp commanders, officers from the cabinet of the Ministry of National Defence and general staff of both the Army and the Gendarmerie.

The purpose of the meeting was to take stock of the situation after a one-year period-war in order to consider actions to undertake.

The participants satisfactorily noted that the Rwandan Armed Forces fully control the national territory and hold their positions at the borders, in spite of desperate actions led by the enemy with the support of its sponsors from their habitual sanctuary.

The participants thank the Rwandan population, which fully contributed to the victory of our Armed Forces thanks to its materiel and moral support.

The participants appreciate all the efforts of the Rwandan Government to satisfy the needs of the war, in spite of the present economical difficulties.

Officers attending the meeting expressed, in the name of all the soldiers, their deep gratitude to the chief of state and supreme chief of the armed forces for his skill and efficiency in the direction of the war.

The participants declare support without reserve for the democratic process based on multiparty system in which our country has engaged, and call all members of the armed forces to respect political neutrality, according to the legislation.

However, the participants regret that some compatriots have consciously or unconsciously given themselves up to acts that may back up the enemy. Therefore, the participants, in the name of the Rwandan Armed Forces condemn

  • Actions of whoever recruits or favors recruitment in favor of the enemy;
  • Some press which broadcasts demoralizing and divisionist ideas and gives it up to intoxication and propaganda in favor of the enemy;
  • Any compatriot who cooperates in one way or another with the enemy;
  • Some people who through political parties lead consciously or unconsciously actions in favor on the enemy;
  • Some people who want to entail soldiers to support political ideologies and therefore violate their neutrality;
  • The participants disapproved the unworthy behavior of some isolated soldiers who risk to injure the confidence the population has always shown towards its Armed Forces.

The audience recommends

  • To the Security Services, to neutralize any identified enemy’s collaborator;
  • To the military Responsables on all levels, to identify and exemplarily punish soldiers who aggress the population;
  • To the Government, to actively keep on the politico-diplomatic actions already engaged in order to look for the solution to the war;
  • To administrative, judicial and political authorities, to do their best to let the legislation be the force;

The participants encourage the population to maintain its confidence towards its armed forces and keep on providing material and moral support.

Officers participating to the meeting, in the name of all members of the armed forces, have reiterated their expression of deep gratitude to the chief of state and supreme chief of the armed forces because he commands the armed forces with competence and perspicacity and ensures them with his support concerning the action led to find a durable and efficient solution to the war as well as his determination for the success of the democratic process already initiated.

Kigali, 4 December 1991
Ministry of Defence


Habyarimana invited every Rwandan to denounce those who, through newspapers or unwholesome words, create that spirit of division.