Kangura No. 1

Letter to Militant Prosecutor

Militant Prosecutor,

Whereas with the ongoing KAJEGUHAKWA problem, there is a sense of unease in the country, and without going into details, as it was when it started, as you are well aware of the situation, I would like Kangura to publish the results of the investigation I conducted into this matter. I am also forwarding a copy of this investigation for the following reasons:

I was the Kangura [sic] reporter in Gisenyi, at the time of the events.

It is hard to understand why Kanguka staff from the Kigali office were asked by KAJEGUHAKWA to investigate events that occurred at his homealthough they ignored me, and didn’t tell me anything, and I was only given vague information because they did not want me to go to KAJEGUHAKWA’s and find out about their designs.

Rather than publish my investigation, they gave it to KAJEGUHAKWA and informed him that I was cooperating with the government against him.

The three of us—RUGERINYANGE, RAVI and HASSAN NGEZE— met.

During that meeting they accused me of being a tool for the Rwandan government. Following that, they requested that I write a note prohibiting the publication of the said investigation.

In view of the fact that the reasons given for prohibiting the publication of said article are far from being clear, and that as an employee of that publication I have closely followed the case, I would like the investigation to be published in the next issue of Kanguka. If this is not done, then they should produce a document explaining why the article is considered inaccurate.

In view of the fact that Kanguka became the property of RAVI, NOEL and KAJEGUHAKWA’s children, as is mentioned in issue No. 39, and that my investigation shows that KAJEGUHAKWA was using Kanguka to lie, I would like to request the local authorities do everything they can to protect my life, because these persons might be contemplating certain measures against me such as lies and actions that might go against my interests, as well as other possible acts.

I was a journalist with Kanguka when it was founded, and I was the one who established the bureau Gisenyi-Information press agency, and I am familiar with both its operations and the people who support it. Therefore, I am informing you that as long as KAJEGUHAKWA collaborates with Kanguka, Gisenyi-Information will not collaborate with KAJEGUHAKWA.

I am forwarding my investigation for your information, and attaching a letter relating to the end of the working relationship between Kanguka and Gisenyi-Information.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hassan NGEZE
Director, Gisenyi-Information


  • His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Kigali
  • The Honorable Minister of Justice, Kigali
  • The Chief of Staff of the Gendarmerie, Kigali
  • The Chief of Staff of the Rwandan Army, Kigali
  • The Préfet of Gisenyi
  • The Director of Imvaho, Kigali
  • The Director of Kinyamateka, Kigali